Remember when Fluffy was napping in LBF’s mouth two weeks ago? Well…

THIS week’s comic is REALLY strange and yes…perhaps a little hard to swallow. Let’s face it, LBF does do a lot of weird things but it’s all tongue in cheek. We know. We know. It’s a pat answer however, Patty DOES look happy even though Lil’ Bigfoot appears to be down in the mouth.

And for any of you Lil’ Bigfoot aficionados out there (ask your parents what that means), the reason LBF’s tiny friends are NOT seen is simple. PATTY is SO clean that the FLIES are jealous! That might explain why LBF looks so…worried!


BUT, if you MISS seeing LBF’s bosom buddies, maybe YOU can draw them in FOR us! Print out this week’s comic, draw in the flies, and let us know how they look!