WOAH! That’s a bit of a surprise! When Todd reads the sign, “MUNICIPAL SEPTIC LAGOON,” he realizes what the “pond” Lil’ Bigfoot landed in REALLY is (the stink in the air also clues him in). For those of you NOT in the know… septic lagoons are large pools of water which a city (that’s the “Municipal“ part on the sign) will use to treat sewage. And you all know what sewage is, right? It’s the waste from your sinks and showers and toilets – YUCK! Except it doesn’t look like a big “Yuck” for LBF — which makes us yell YUCK even louder!!! But one thing about Lil’ Bigfoot is that he always gives us our fair share of…yucks!

But you know, we aren’t sure HOW long LBF is going to be in that septic lagoon! So until he DOES come out, Todd says he is going to help us by sharing some of his own comics starting next week!