Scott Cunningham and Phillip S. Pittz created the first Lil’ Bigfoot comic for a special Sasquatched-themed section of Nick magazine’s 2008 Halloween edition (and a BIG-foot shout-out to editor Chris Duffy for his input on the comic and character for the issue!!!). But after finishing the comic, Scott and Phil found they weren’t finished with the character just yet. Perhaps it was because of Lil’ Bigfoot’s powerful charisma, or perhaps, it was simply his powerful aroma. Whatever the reason, they SENSED that Lil’ Bigfoot has more stories to tell and smell. So the guys decided to make a permanent home for the cryptid critter here on the web. Lil’ Bigfoot is going through a number of changes but YOU can check in at his website ANY time and post your own news and comments about the weird, strange and bizarre.