The monkeys of the “Awaji-shima monkey center” of Sumoto-shi, Hyogo are troubled by hay fever. Among about 180 wild monkeys, at least ten monkeys sneeze a LOT or are constantly rubbing their eyes. According to the head of this center, Toshikazu Nobuhara , the monkeys started to rub their eyes from the middle of February, and started to have tears and nasal mucus… or in other words, runny noses! There are many monkeys which seem to be having a harder time than in ordinary years, and it sometimes becomes difficult for them to eat food especially if the hay fever becomes becomes serious. Mr. Nobuhara’s  “patients” may increase in number in the future. There are no medicines and food which have an effect on hay fever, and there is nothing they can do except watch and wait until April when the conditions causing hay fever most likely will  “lighten up”.