Who are the fellows responsible for creating the adventures of Lil’ Bigfoot?

Scott Cunningham and Phillip S. Pittz created the first Lil’ Bigfoot comic for a special Sasquatched-themed section of Nick magazine’s 2008 Halloween edition (and a BIG-foot shout-out to editor Chris Duffy for his input on the comic and character for the issue!!!). But after finishing the comic, Scott and Phil found they weren’t finished with the character just yet. Perhaps it was because of Lil’ Bigfoot’s powerful charisma, or perhaps, it was simply his powerful aroma. Whatever the reason, they SENSED that Lil’ Bigfoot has more stories to tell and smell. So the guys decided to make a permanent home for the cryptid critter here on the web. Lil’ Bigfoot is published every Monday but of course, YOU can check in at his website ANY time and post your own news and comments about the weird, strange and bizarre.

The Gibbering Man - artifex scriptor superiorSCOTT CUNNINGHAM

Scott Cunningham showed an aptitude for drawing at the tender age of two and has been struggling to get paid for it ever since. Combine that with the fact that he learned to read and write from the Funny Pages (learned good, too!), and it’s clear why he has developed a life-long love for comics. He has worked as both an artist and writer, and sometimes even an artist/writer, for publications such as Heavy Metal, Mad Magazine, Mad Kids, Nickelodeon Magazine, Archie Comics, and a slew of DC Titles, including Vertigo, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo and Cartoon Network Block Party. This web comic, LIL’ BIGFOOT, is the culmination of many years of drawing and writing comics about hairy hominids. Who can say for sure what caused Scott’s obsession with ape-like critters? Perhaps it was his multiple viewings of the Legend of Boggy Creek while working the concession stand at the Tower Theater in Springfield, Mo. Or, perhaps, it was the sightings of a Bigfoot tramping through his home state, reported during his formative years as a teen (the creature was dubbed by the newspapers at the time as “Momo”). It could also be the influence of his Anthropologist wife, who actually gets grants from fancy-pants organizations to study primates in rain forests. Of course, his sloping forehead and prominent brow also reminds some of a certain mysterious creature with a similar profile; a creature that leaves behind some mighty big footprints to try to fill. All Scott knows for sure is that he wishes he had a Bigfoot living in his backyard. But since he lives in Brooklyn now, it’s probably more realistic to just make a comic about it.

Nasalis larvatus - cultum grandisPHILLIP S. PITTZ

Phillip has had an extensive career performing with big talking heads on his hands. Sounds strange but it is true. He even helped co-found his own puppet company to satisfy this urge. Unfortunately, he discovered that puppets don’t make for very good company. They are usually very quiet. But fortunately, he does enjoy talking to himself so it all worked out for the best. He even went on to work as a puppeteer for the Public TV series “Little People” where being a puppeteer became most helpful since Phillip is quite tall. So how does Phillip’s background as a puppeteer carry over into his work on Lil’ Bigfoot? Pretty easily, since he thinks that story-telling is story-telling whatever form it takes (and if you knew that he also performs as a Storyteller, you’d have guessed he would say that). He also wears a sock on his hand when he’s working on the comic, to remind him of the old days. Phil DOES love drawing and when he was a student in school, he could be found doodling in the sides of his notebook instead of paying attention to the teacher -which is why he never went to Yale like Scott (of course, Scott went there to study art, so it probably means he just doodled more). Nowadays, Phillip is director of an English Language School in Japan, and makes money on the side doing what he did in kindergarten, choosing the right colors and staying inside the lines. While never sharing Scott’s complete obsession with all things Sasquatch-ian, Phillip finds that he can relate to the Lil’ Bigfoot character on a number of important levels. He is also messy, smelly and prone to unintentional destruction of property.