Even though the tag line pretty much explains it, you’d feel cheated if that’s all we wrote here. So let’s elaborate: in the world of Lil’ Bigfoot, everyone in the neighborhood where he hangs out are totally cool about it and treat the creature just like a regular kid – or maybe, more like a regular pet. It gets confusing about exactly how to deal with a missing link, which hopefully makes for funny things happening on a weekly basis.



Stewart is the kid along with Todd who decides to do a Backyard Field Guide as a way to earn extra credit at school. BUT, when he discovers a Lil’ Bigfoot living in his backyard treehouse, well…let’s just say the field guide takes on a WHOLE new direction!  BUT, when the creature continues to camp out behind his house, and they decide to continue doing the field guide, Stewart’s kinship grows until the two of them become the best of friends! But, as Stewart also discovers, it isn’t easy being buddies to a bigfoot.



It isn’t easy being Bigfoot’s buddy’s buddy, either. Todd is far less charmed with Lil’ Bigfoot than his friend Stewart. He always wonders what Stewart is getting them into. However, he IS Stewart’s friend through and through and more often than not, reluctantly sticks it out through every stinking mess the creature gets them into.



He’s a Bigfoot…a little Bigfoot. Get it? He likes food, no matter how long it has been in the road, baking in the sun and covered with flies. Every day is new and different to Lil’ Bigfoot because he doesn’t remember a lot from the previous day. He excites easily and calms down easily. He also stares into space easily. But if he wants something badly, he will get it (usually badly). He possesses both strength and smelliness but also a strong sense of loyalty. Or is that a strong scent of loyalty. We can’t remember. We always get confused…as does Lil’ Bigfoot.